Visual Health Information (VHI)

VHI has been in the business of providing exercises and information for fitness and health professionals since 1980. The company was formed by John E. and Ann C. Beaulieu in Springfield, Oregon. In 1985 they moved the company to its present location, Tacoma, Washington.
VHI strives to produce educational materials of the highest quality. Professionals in the fitness and health care fields use these materials to create handouts for their clients and patients. These handouts will assist the client/patient with home exercise routines or provide additional information as follow-through to their visit with the professional.

The president of the company John E. Beaulieu, Ph.D. seeks out, as the company’s authors, fitness and health care professionals with specialties in the areas for which they will be developing products. Then the products are carefully reviewed by a board of fitness and health care professionals. Ann Beaulieu forms this review board from peers in the particular area for which the product is being developed. Ann works closely with the authors, the review board, and the graphics department of VHI to produce materials which are technically correct, have clear and attractive graphics, and concise readable text.

At present VHI features two product formats: In 1991 VHI moved its focus from consumable pads of tear-off information sheets to the creation of kits of cards with reproducible images and text. The ability to create individualised routines for clients by choosing various cards to photocopy makes the kit line very popular. VHI has sold over 140,000 card kits worldwide. In 1999 VHI launched its second format, the computerised PC-KITS. This made the very popular kits of cards even more flexible by putting them into a software program which allows the user to build routines with a simple click of the mouse. The many additional features of the software program and its user-friendly nature are moving it to the forefront of software packages in both the fitness and rehab fields.

HPR is the Australasian agent for VHI products.

 The VHI Creation Process

1. Selection of Authors

The quality of VHI exercise collections is one of the main reasons for our success. VHI has a rigorous author recruitment process. Authors of VHI collections must demonstrate that they have the experience and necessary knowledge to develop a specific exercise collection.
Recognised authorities in the field have developed or are developing VHI exercise collections. VHI has been honoured to have people such as Carole Lewis, PT, CCS, Ph.D.; Gary Gray, PT; Sara M. Meeks, PT, MS, GCS; Kim Christensen, DC; Jonathan Urla, MFA; and Bonnie Berk, RN, to name a few, contribute to the content of the VHI collections.

2. Review Board Process

Authors are asked to submit 5-10 peer reviewers for their exercise collections. VHI then recruits several additional independent reviewers. The entire project from initial outline to the final product is subjected to the opinion and comments of the review board.
It is this process that makes the VHI collections the most comprehensive and targeted on the market. When you choose a VHI collection for your specialty such as Geriatrics, Pediatrics, Speech, Conditioning etc., you can feel assured that the specific collection was developed to meet your special needs.

3. Creation of Artwork

The VHI photographers and the authors meet to shoot photos of all the exercises. The graphics department then begins the process of creating the artwork. VHI has developed specialised techniques to create what is considered the finest artwork in the industry. The clarity and simplicity of our drawings communicate exactly how to correctly perform the exercises.
Many VHI customers use this high quality artwork to market their services to prospective clients. Many physical therapists tell us that showing physicians the clear high quality illustrations they give to patients is an important component of marketing their services.

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