Which VHI PC-Kits software is right for you?

Desktop Edition

The VHI PC-Kits Desktop Edition is licensed to be used on a single computer.

VHI PC-Kits Desktop Edition allows you to choose from thousands of exercises to create easy-to-read, professional looking exercise handouts your clients will love! With this easy to use drag and drop program, you can create, customise, and print an exercise routine in minutes.

VHI PC-Kits is used on a daily basis by over 160,000 physical therapists, occupational therapists, certified athletic trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, and fitness directors of health clubs. The Desktop Edition is licensed to be used on a single computer.

 Network Edition

The VHI PC-Kits Network Edition is licensed to be used on multiple computers.

VHI PC-Kits Network Edition has the same functionality as the PC-Kits Desktop Edition but is installed on a network allowing multiple computers access to the same data. The network edition can be installed in client-server, peer-to-peer and terminal server configurations.

The network edition is licensed by the number of simultaneous users, not by the number of installations. It can be installed on as many machines as you like without any additional fees.

Why invest in a networked version?

The benefits of networking VHI PC-Kits:

  • Allow any organisational member with a network connection to access this resource whenever they need it from wherever they are, rather than queuing for vacancies on dedicated terminals
  • Professionals can independently develop exercise routines for patients by concurrently using their resources from their desktops and telephone links
  • Ensure a professional standard and a shared platform is established across the entire organisation for the development and customisation of exercise regimes
  • Organisation wide desktop availability of the kit promotes the use of the resource and dramatically improves the ROI associated with the investment
  • Mean you only need to move through the implementation process once rather than through a series of staggered set-up projects for different departments within your organisation.

Create routines 
with a Click and Drag 
of the Mouse

  1. Click and drag desired exercises from the Exercise Page to any spot on the Routine Page
  2. Edit the text any way you wish
  3. Place the exercise on the Routine Page
  4.  Drag exercises to any location. You can even swap positions of exercises!

Reference Guide

The VHI PC version gives the option of male & female figures in most kits. Spend less time finding exercises, handling materials and writing/editing instructions for your clients.

  1. Double-click on a caption and edit the text
  2.  Flip pictures for left/right orientation
  3. Fill in the reps and sets
  4. Remove the card title or all the text if desired

 7 Different 
Formats for creating 
exercise routine

  1. Put any exercises on a page
  2. Print a tracking grid with each routine to help patients keep records of their progress
  3. Use the special split layout for long, detailed instructions

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