Aquatic Dynamic / Functional



Product Description

By Rick McAvoy, PT, DPT, CSCS

326 Exercises


Shallow Water

  • Lower Extremity (Trunk)
  • Upper Extremity (Trunk)

Deep Water

  • Lower Extremity (Trunk)
  • Upper Extremity (Trunk)


  • Ball
  • Barbell
  • Kickboard
  • Mask / Snorkel
  • Step
  • Stick
  • Tubing

Bridge the gap between water and land based exercise with the most comprehensive aquatic exercise kit ever developed. Contains both shallow and deep water exercises utilising a Dynamic / Multidirectional / Functional approach. This kit will assist the clinician in the treatment of orthopaedic, sports and neurological diagnoses. Dynamically exercise your clients in an aquatic environment incorporating multiple positions and equipment to improve their overall functional outcome. Improve Range of Motion, Alignment / Posture, Stabilisation, Balance / Coordination, Proprioception, Strength and Endurance.

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