Cardiac Rehabilitation

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Product Description

By Gregory J. Lawson, MS

72 Exercises


  • Warm Up
  • Cool Down
  • Strengthening
  • Special Cards
  • Target Heart Rate (THR)
  • Nitroglycerine Protocol for Angina
  • Medication Card

Plus Full Page Tip Sheets

  • General Exercise Tips
  • Aerobic Exercise: Cycling
  • Aerobic Exercise: Walking
  • Nutrition Guideline
  • Types of Food
  • Stress Management
  • Relaxation and Stress
  • Deep Breathing

This exercise kit was designed to give you the tools necessary to individually treat and educate all your cardiac and pulmonary patients. Now you will be able to effectively treat patients with: MI, CABG, PTCA and COPD.

This is an exercise database for use with PC-Kits. To use this database you must purchase or currently own PC-Kits.