Early Development

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Product Description

By Nancy C. Miller, MOT Chris A. Robinson, PT, and Aline Yiu, MA/OT

 184 Exercises 


  • Activities of Daily Living for Caregiver
  • Motor Development
  • Range of Motion
  • Sensorimotor
  • Upper Extremity Skills

This indispensable resource…

  • Demonstrates critical hand placements necessary for supporting child during activities.
  • Provides exercises for stimulating early sensory-motor development – including visual, motor, vestibular, and tactile activities.
  • Incorporates built-in functional progressions.
  • Shows basic techniques for managing muscle tone during daily activity.
  • Contains treatment approaches applicable to neurodevelopmental therapy.
  • Incorporates activities and exercises to stimulate righting responses, balance / equilibrium reactions, and protective responses.
  • Offers early feeding techniques for use with infant care programs.
  • Features a wide selection of developmentally sequenced play activities.

The most comprehensive kit of exercise and activity strategies available for developmental ages birth to 3 years.

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