Lymphoedema & Manual Oedema Mobilisation Self Management

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Product Description

By Sandra Artzberger, MS, OTR, CHT, CLT

504 Exercises


  • 168 General Exercises
  • 94 Office Exercises
  • 106 Self-Massage Techniques
  • 47 Lymphoedema Self-Management Tip Sheets


  • 100+ Mobilisation Exercises for LE & UE
  • 24 Pump Point Circle Techniques
  • 106+ Self-Massage Techniques
  • 30 Tip Sheets Routines
  • 28 Kinesio Tapping Tip Sheets

This is the most comprehensive kit ever developed to help PTs and OTs trained in Lymphoedema Treatments or Manual Oedema Mobilisation (MEM) work with patients who have lymphoedema or sub-acute persistent oedema. The Lymphoedema section is ideal for treating Primary and Secondary Extremity Lymphoedema, Breast, Trunk and Genital Lymphoedema. There is also a special section of 28 Kinetic Taping Method sheets. The Manual Oedema Mobilisation section is designed for use with sub-acute to chronic oedema resulting from upper and lower extremity surgery, trauma, wounds, post-stroke oedema and for venous leg wound oedema.

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