Neurodynamic Mobilisation

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Product Description

By James W. Matheson, PT, SCS

143 Exercises


  • General Guidelines
  • Upper Extremity
  • Spine
  • Lower Extremity

Exercise to accommodate every phase of recovery

  • Passive mobilisation to provide CNS input without inciting a stress response
  • Neurogenic massage to reduce perineural swelling
  • Active neuromobilisation to promote healing and restoration of optimum mechanical properties

This exercise kit is designed to assist in working with any musculoskeletal condition that has been evaluated and determined to have a neural tissue component. Improve neural tissue health by mobilising the neural tissue with specific active movements in a progressive manner by changing the sensitivity of the central and peripheral nervous systems. This kit contains a large number of progressive exercises biased to individual peripheral nerves. Most sections contain three types of neuromobilisation exercises – tensioning, flossing and dynamic.

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