Olympic Weight Lifting

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Product Description

By Michael W. Doscher, MS, CSCS, CSCC

200+ Exercises


  • 96 Clean Lifts
  • 90 Snatch Lifts
  • 16 Overhead Presses with variations
  • Full Printable Exercise Routines for easy access

This kit is the most complete kit of Olympic lifts ever compiled in one resource. It contains over 200 Clean Lifts, Overhead Presses and Snatch Lifts shown with both barbells and dumbbells. Each segment of the Lifts, Presses and Snatches are individually displayed to help athletes work on each position in isolation. If you work with athletes to develop explosive power, co-ordination, balance, speed development and integrated total body strength, this kit is for you.

This is an exercise database for use with PC-Kits. To use this database you must purchase or currently own PC-Kits.