Oral Sensory and Motor Treatment Kit

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Product Description

By Gayle Burditt, CCC-SLP, MA

240 Exercises


  • Cheek Sensory / Motor / Sensory Motor
  • Jaw Sensory / Motor / Sensory Motor
  • Lip Sensory / Motor / Sensory Motor
  • Palate Sensory / Motor / Sensory Motor
  • Tongue Sensory / Motor / Sensory Motor

Plus General Tips

The only resource on the market for prescribing independent treatments for Lip, Jaw, Cheek, Tongue and Palate dysfunctions. This kit includes all the tools you need to work with dysfunctional oral communications and initial phase swallowing problems. An indispensable tool for treating virtually every oral sensory and motor dysfunction problem. This kit provides all the tools you need to work with dysfunctional verbal  communication and swallowing disorders.

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