Therapeutic Yoga

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Product Description

By Sarahjoy Marsh, MA E-RYT 500

119 Exercises


  • Abdominals / Diaphragm
  • Hips / Knees
  • Lower Back / Hips
  • Neck / Shoulders
  • Upper Back / Chest

Help patients and clients with:

  • Improving balance and hip stability
  • Opening hip range of motion
  • Relieving upper back and neck tension through improved posture and range of motion
  • Improving spinal flexibility including flexion, extension, rotation, and side bending

This collection is designed to support patients/clients to experience a safe, accessible, and therapeutically-oriented introduction to yoga as a rehabilitative tool. It addresses breathing strategies to support the foundation of a nervous system prepared for movement towards recovery, rehabilitation, or integrated strength and flexibility. It also demonstrates supported yoga exercises using props including wall, chair, blocks, or blankets. Restorative practices are included to support patients’ nervous system response to therapeutic movement.

The collection would be ideal for physical therapists, osteopaths, yoga teachers, sports medicine practitioners, athletic trainers, and practitioners working with patients who have mobility issues. It is unique as a specifically-focused, simple, and accessible protocol using therapeutic yoga tools.

Therapeutic Yoga provides students/patients with accessible, entry level, supported yoga tools as well as instruction for advancing a student/patient toward more challenging practices suited to their rehabilitation. The collection lends itself to patients/students who cannot get down to the floor (need to do their rehab in a chair), who may need to do practices on the floor or in bed (lying down yoga tools), as well as those needing to safely create diversity in their yoga and rehab training program between the wall, the chair, and the floor.

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